05 April 2013

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To Me re: Self-Realization and Other Awakenings.
Good day, dear Edward! I liked the posts on your blog! My friends gave me a book by Stephen Wolinsky, "I am that I am." I have read a few pages and my brain is wrapped in a pretzel. I'm really tired of all the concepts. You offer something quite different. Living through the heart. I feel different emotions in my heart. I had not paid attention to it. They are real. They are alive. Thank you. With love K.


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  1. Just a comment here in reaction to the post about Wolinsky. Yes, he can and does get pretty "conceptual" whether in writing or in his DVD's which I have. Yet I credit him with turning me on to the "I am" meditation which I got several years ago from his Guided Meditation CD. It was for me a very effective introduction to this form of self inquiry.