21 February 2013


Our book, Self-Realization and Other Awakenings is finally in print.  There are over 400 pages on a large number of topics including my own story which makes clear what and how I teach.

There are sections on methods of self-inquiry and meditation, various types of awakening from the neo-Advaita and more classical awakenings, to the awakening to Christ or Krishna Consciousness, classically called Self-Realization.

There are sections on human love both as an aid to-self realization, but also as service to the Beloved, within and around us everywhere, which can lead to the most sublime states of grace and surrender.

There are a few letters from students asking advice, and a few telling of their awakening experiences and how they came about.

The various “levels” of consciousness are clearly articulated both in text and by diagram, with an explanation of how all levels are connected by the I-sense, which lies at its base.  The apparent dichotomy between Witness, or the Absolute, and Consciousness in all its manifestations and “rooms” is clearly explained, as well as showing this division is only apparent.

If you want, you can wait a few weeks for the Amazon and Kindle distributions at a lesser cost.  However, buying it from the links below provides more income to support We Are Sentience in its dual mission of saving feral cats and spreading the teachings of the dual lineage of Ramana Maharshi via Robert Adams, and Nisargadatta Maharaj via Jean Dunn.

LINK TO PURCHASE: http://hdcity.net/sr_order.html


  1. Congratulations Ed.

    I am so excited about the book being released.

    I can only hope that it is as much of a blessing for those who read it as it already has been for me.

    I treasure you!

    With Great Love,

  2. Ordered a copy today. Looking forward to having your words in hard copy

  3. Congratulations!

    I received word of your book just as I needed to hear it.

    I've come and gone from your words; they're quite potent to a beginner. I also come and gone from you'r recommended technique; it's quite effective and needs a bit of easing into.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say!