02 February 2013

No Satsang Today, Saturday, February 2.

I wanted to record Satsangs and have just acquired a digital audio recorder that I need to figure out how to use, and combine it with a camcorder.  The audio recorder can be used to feed into my Dragon Naturally Speaking, speech recognition program so that it will supply a rough transcription, sans punctuation.

In addition, Deeya is arriving today, and I'll pick her up from her hotel tomorrow, and I need to clean my car.  Right now there are several hundred pounds of catfood, plates and bowls that need to be removed.

And, I have a slight hangover from some brandy I had last night.


  1. Okay, Edji.
    Say "Hi" to Deeya for us!

  2. i will have some brandy too instead of satsang ....

  3. If high of light and bliss or brandy..what does it matter...? :-)

  4. What a marvellous photo with you and Deeya at the Lake Shrine ! Why don't post there ?
    It makes my heart completely open to vulnerability ... Love is so palpable . No words for that ...
    Namaste to you and Deeya , You are so beautiful ! ...