07 February 2013

Searching Versus Exploring

There are some who say when it comes to spiritual searches, that they are not necessary; you already are complete and sufficient; just stay with whatever arises.

But I don't look at spiritual searches as some effort needed to complete one's sense of self, but as an inner and outer exploration of all that is me, from emotions, inner energies, arising images and thoughts,  and hidden areas of the unconscious, as well as far deeper or more subtle levels of Self.

This exploration ensures continuous aliveness, but you retain an ability to rest doing nothing at any time, until moved to again move in childlike wonder.


  1. so many spiritual experts/textperts these days - so little wisdom!

    thanks for sharing your beautiful experience!

  2. Ed, was there a time where it felt during your journey that you need to complete ones sense of self? That something doesn't 'fit' or 'lack'.

  3. Ah, yes, I love the childlike wonder on those few occasions I have it.


  4. Yes, I never felt like I fit, so I was looking for a truth beyond what everyone else felt. But self-realization is different. It brings the diving consciousness down into the flesh.