21 January 2013

We are in the last stages of our second book.  Waldo and Lila have been working on it diligently, and Crissy has created a remarkable diagram about Consciousness. The cover is breathtaking.

It will be a large book, over 400 pages, some of which has appeared before on this blog, but then expanded, and some are original writings for this book emphasizing the change of direction of teaching.

It will be available on Amazon, Kindle, and bookstores after I do a book tour, maybe traveling as far as Los Angeles, Van Nuys and Pasadena (local joke--these are all 20 miles apart).

This is just a teaser to get you interested.  Title and everything else are confidential until the book is in print.

Ed Muzika received his Ph.D. in psychology during 1987 after having spent 12 years as a Zen monk under six Zen masters, and a two year stint with Baba Muktananda. In 1989 he met his Advaita teachers: Robert Adams, a student of Ramana Maharshi, and Jean Dunn, successor to Nisargadatta; both were highly instrumental  in his own awakening. Ed went on to develop his own style of teaching, which is more personal, more about bringing “God,” the Self-Transcendent, back into everyday life, loving  relationships, and helping all sentient beings through compassionate action.

This book is about the practical aspects of attaining Self-Realization, an awakening as to all that YOU are by getting rid of all of the concepts, habits, conventions and conditioning that blind you to the greater YOU. To become the Self that you are,  you have to become naked and unknowing. Can you walk with me into Nothingness to discover the miracle you really are? 


  1. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Waldo, Lila, Chrissy and Edji.

  2. " Can you walk with me into Nothingness to discover the miracle you really are? "

    Yessss Edj !!! So great to walk with you ! ...
    .and like Matthew, thanks Waldo , Lila and Chrissy !!!
    much love for every one !

  3. Excuse me..which was the first book ??