12 January 2013

Satsang Today, Saturday December 12, 6 pm.

Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com

Sign in twice with the password "edji," then your own name on the third screen.  Please mute your microphone after entering, otherwise we get too much feedback.  The mute button is just above the live screen area.


  1. Ed, thank you so much for taking all that time to answer my questions today!

    I really feel I have found "my teacher" and I can't tell you how grateful I am for all you are doing.

    It's gonna take a lot to get rid of me again :P

  2. i am sharing all that Max is saying about you Edj !
    when i saw you at satsang on saturday my heart was filling with
    love . I could feel your presence in spite of distance and i love so much that beautiful energy you are and all that i am seeing on your face!
    I liked as you were at satsang : spontaneous, fresh, light , unconventionnal, funny and loving !!!
    i know you are working only with students near you on flesh but i dont'care , i am also with you , listening and applying your teachings and i am feeling it works ! My heart is so happy feeling your presence more and more ... Ramakrishna was loving Kali , a statue ! I am not him but i love you, a virtual being i will never meet .
    thank you a lot Edj for being like you are and give us so much !

  3. With Deep Gratitude for you, Ed.