23 November 2011

A Tribunal in Malaysia convicts Bush and Blair of international war crimes and will press the World Court to bring them to trial. All this stuff Obama swept under the rug.


  1. So what?

    They bring puppets to puppet court.
    And those that are behind curtains are laughing. :]

    "We must keep the people busy with political antagonisms. We'll therefore speed up the question of reform of taxes within the Democratic Party, and we'll put the spotlight on the question of protection for the Republican Party.
    By dividing ...the electorate this way, we'll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that for us, have no importance whatsoever."
    ~U.S. Bankers Magazine 1892

    Therefore DIVIDE AND CONQUER :]]]
    As ex-kgb member said once (Bezmenov) "It does not matter where to put the line, but it should exist in whatever form: racism, gays, politics, sport, whatever"

    All this world show is very obvious if one looks rightly, but it will take time for people to really wake up from all this Egypt phaoranism. As Moses said: I took them out of Pharaons, but they still are not free, they demand a ruler over them, many generations will pass till people no longer will need kings to rule them...

  2. Interesting comment, "so what?".

    The wars that Bush, Blair and now Obama wage are entirely part of a geo-political game that the elites, the top 0.1% play to ensure access to cheap oil, resources and potential markets; the same elites that run the government for their own benefit, whilst trying to minimise their taxes. The system is a corrupt plutocracy and people are too stupid to see. And so they wage war- increasing in a remote control and sanitised way, and kill and maine thousands of innocents in the process

    So what? If the world is an illusion, it doesn't matter and one can ignore it. But it seems to me, that as long as you haven't seen through the illusion of "you" first and foremost, then you do need to care about the suffering of others as much as yourself, otherwise what path are you on? And presumably once you have seen through the illusion, then you cannot but fail to act, to be moved by compassion, or as Nisargadatta says, "a sense of justice".

  3. I think the 'So what?' is a reference to the fact that nothing will come of the tribunal. Everyone knows Bush and Blair are guilty of war crimes; declaring it as official won't change anything.

  4. The last comment brings to my mind the large scale "Occupy" this city and that phenomena in our time. Would it be more important that the motivations of the protesters be based on compassionate concern for the welfare of the 99%(implying that it's OK for the remaining 1% to suffer for their misdeeds) or should they come from an all encompassing mode and not separate themselves from the 1% they hold accountable for the miserable state of affairs that triggered the protests?

    To be honest, I'm more inclined toward the latter view.