02 November 2011

I am deeply touched by this.  But there is something higher still:  When God breaths life into you from the love of an other. For that I have such gratitude!

You're so beautiful edji. Something touches me about your life. I see the whole arc. The young boy learning Yogananda chants in Bengali. The spiritual search. Too many paths, too much mind.

Finding Robert and even he had to disappear...

It's that disillusionment that touches me. when you finally Stopped. those years on the couch listening to chants by YOURSELF. it touches me because at the end of the day it's just ourselves and the chant. Us and god.

On some of your older videos when the chants are included; to watch how they move you...

Anyway, i guess i identify with those stages.

The young spiritual aspirant, the man lost in the spiritual marketplace, the student... and none of
those did the trick.

In the end it's just us alone with god isn't it?

I wish i could hug you for being a lover of god, for your service to people and animals.

A long long hug Edji.


  1. Beautiful! I was listening last night. Interesting sychronicity; had occasion in past couple weeks to listen to relatively recent satsangs, one w/ Gangaji and one with Adyashanti. FWIW, both of them, one way or another, referred quite clearly to "post awakening" growth and development as being necessary and often somewhat fraught. Adyashanti even laughingly remarked that there were at least as many potential hazards and pitfalls after awakening as before and many were even more dangerous. I think this may be a fairly new development for both of them. Very glad I found you!