04 January 2011


As most of you know, I am in Phoenix trying to arrange for my mom's future care after she fell and broke her hip. This is my second week here.

Things finally appear to be shaping up.

Many people wanted me to put her in a group home and she sort of liked that idea as she is afraid of being left alone. However, my wife who is a director of social services in an LA retirement community thought assisted living would be better as did my mother's former caretaker who retired from my mom's caretaking at home a few months ago. She thought assisted living would be better also. Also, the head of social services at the skilled nursing center where she is staying now agreed.

In the meantime, I have been visiting various group homes and assisted living facilities, and well as doing my most pleasurable activity--taking care of my mother's very, very friendly cat, Purrs, who lives up to his name.

It appears that we are on the verge of an even better care solution, which might be to have my mom return home when she is better able to weight bare with live in help.


  1. Ed........

    Sounds encouraging to me as it appears the right decision's been made(all the moreso by those who'd know what's best).


  2. Edji,
    Wonderful news! You sound very upbeat and that brings a great releif. Hopefully soon all will be finalized and your mom can settle into a routine that provides comfort and a sense of safety.

    We'll see you soon. Much love,

  3. I'm glad that there are options, that you are well advised and that your mom's cognitive functioning is sound. Social interaction and brain stimulation were stressed by those who showed up to advise in my mom's situation. PBS ran a show a few years ago on 'The Brain Fitness Program' which mom and I watched "separately together" (one of my mom's cool phrases) as we had moved her into a semi-assisted retirement community apartment nearer her friends and better services while I remained four hours drive north. She was keen on us getting TBFP for her, but by that time her cognitive abilities had reached a stage that made using the computer untenable (TBFP is as one might imagine a PC based interactive program). Moving mom from the house she'd lived in for over forty years (although well intentioned and by her approval), then having to move her twice more within a couple of years time wound up being profoundly traumatic in my mom's case and (I feel) probably exacerbated her decline. If your mom can remain in her own home with skilled live-in care I think that would be great.

    Warmth for you and mom,