06 January 2011

Dear Ed,

 I really saw that the stillness of the mind has nothing to do with effort or concentration.

There is nothing I can do. It comes, when it wants to, and takes all over.

So dear EDji my question is:

Is the wordless "I am" some kind of a state where all my concepts are gone, where I dont know whether I have a body or not, where there is only seeing and being?

If it is so, this state comes very fast when i dont do anything in sitting meditation.
Because when I try to find the I sence, there is the feeling that the I sence is somewhere in the head area. And ten there is a kind of struggeling.

But when I dont do anything in sitting meditation(like not trying to find the I sence), then very quick I feel that I sink down to the heart or abdomen area...and then there is absolute silence.

Can you please tell me what to do in that case?

Continue to find the I sence, or just doing nothing and allowing me to sink to the heart?



You need to realize you would not have reached this state without the practice of following the I Am.

Sink to the heart, or better, the abdomen.

Good going.

The I Am is not a state. It is an object to the real you. You have gone deeper than the object.

Stay there as much as possible.


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