18 January 2011

Many of you do not know that I also maintain Southern California’s leading animal blog, http://laanimalwatch.blogspot.com, and have done so since March, 2006 after a new General Manager of LA’s Animal Services was appointed. Unfortunately, because of increasing pressures on my time due to Satsang issues and my mother’s health, I have spent little time maintaining this voice for the animals.

Now a solution has been presented. Ryan Altman of our spiritual family, lives in the Phoenix area and is a 24 year old college graduate in philosophy. He wanted to move to LA to be close to me and help LA’s cats. However, at this time Jimmy and Marie are taking care of most of the colonies that were overwhelming me a few years ago, and I immediately thought of Ryan, with his training in critical thinking and writing to take over the editorial function of Animalwatch.

Ryan’s meditation is quite advanced and he will be close to Jean Reilly and my mom in Phoenix, even as he develops as a new voice for the animals.

I will introduce Ryan to all the animal rights people and government decision makers in Los Angeles as he gradually takes on more and more of the functions of becoming a prominent voice for No-Kill and animal rights.

Thus our family is already expanding into a missionary role of saving all sentient beings, much more rapidly than anyone has anticipated. 


  1. Dear Edji, dear Ryan, dear Jean, dear Satsang family,

    I am so touched, so moved, so ... at a loss for words.

    When I was a little girl it was such a shock to me when I found out that adults lie and deceive and hurt each other. My heart was broken. All that felt natural and true was no where to be found. I felt so alone.

    How can I thank you all for giving hope to the little girl in me?

    Much love,

  2. Congratulations AGAIN Edji !
    I wish your spiritual family becomes as rich as was OSHO's one, because I know that you will spend it on charity work !
    You must become billionaire !
    Let's change the dream, rewrite the script :)
    Do you have a team on kiva.org (microcredit lending site) ? I will be glad to join it !

  3. Go Jean! Go Ryan! Go Team Edji!
    We will fight for animal, human and life rights on this third grade planet.
    Om shanti, shanti, shanti, Om.

  4. In this nation of images (imagi-nation,) it would seem I dreamed a dream of lots of money appearing out of now-here .. and dis-appearing for the benefit of All Sentient Beings.
    Watch This Space! D