12 January 2011

Thankfully I am back home in Los Angeles  after 15 days in Arizona.

My mother is recovering slowly in a skilled nursing home in Sun City Arizona.  She will be going directly home in 3 or 4 weeks.  I had thought that she would have to go into a group home, or an assisted living facility somewhere in the Phoenix area.  But due to our wonderful spiritual family, she will be able to go directly home and stay with a full-time caregiver. Two people in our Satsang volunteered to drop whatever they were doing and to move in with her to take care of her.  How can I imagine such kindness?

The first person who volunteered is a wonderful young man with very deep meditations and understanding. But my mom was not comfortable with him because he is a man, rather than a woman.  This young man has a great spiritual future.  Already his meditation (self-inquiry) is very deep, as is his compassion and devotion.

Better for my mother, another member or spiritual community, living all the way across country, decided she needed a radical change in her life, and taking care of my mother would be it.  This wonderful person is Jean Reilly, of our own spiritual family.

Everything came together with surprising speed and ease.  Edji I, a Toyota Prius, was piloted by two other wonderful members of our Satsang, Andrea and Cary, who drove me to and from Phoenix.

After viewing several group homes and assisted-living homes in Phoenix, Jean volunteered to caretake my mom. Our spiritual family is coming together. Hopefully Jean will be able to school my mother somewhat in our spiritual tradition.

Our mother of Satsang, Jo Anne, has continued in communication with Web Ex, and the program is improving.  So  many people are coming to Satsang, we may need to change programs to make it only one way video, which would allow one hundred people to attend satsang rather than just 25 as we have now with two-way video.  Previous talks can be found at http://wearesentience.org.

Tentatively we are looking for a place to do a retreat.  I would like to do it in Sedona in the not too distant future.  After a 6-day retreat we would shoot up to Grand Canyon for a day or two of R&R.  This certainly is not set in stone. If some others can suggest a location and specific facility as well as offer reasons why he would be a good place, please communicate.

The best location of the world probably a small Baldy Zen Center, but it is quite expensive to read all of the separate facilities that would be needed. The play should be open, mountainous or by the ocean, with great scenery and quietness.

There is also the possibility that in the near future we could have an ashram in Texas.


  1. To Jean-

    How inspiring, I am at a loss for words.


  2. I'm glad everything worked out! :) It's amazing that there are people like this out there, I'm truly impressed.

  3. Welkom back home again Edji, I missed you a lot, but I am very happy for your mother and you bring such wonderful news for the near future. A retreat togheter that sounds realy, realy great, beyond words..

  4. Glad to hear to hear about your mother and she will be cared for.

    Now I have visions of living on ashram.


  5. Dearest Master Edji,
    Welcome back! I was really missing you! I opened your blog about 20 times a day just to see if you are back or not!!

  6. Jean! Thank you so much for your offering of service! :D I am so happy everything has worked out for you and your mother, Edji.

  7. So wonderful to see such deeds of love and compassion from our people..
    Happy to see you back Edji..


  8. Hi Edji,

    Welcome home. I really really missed you. And what wonderful news you bring. Because of people like Jean, like this young man, and Andrea and Cary, and many others I have met through your blog that the hopeless romantic in me keeps on hoping that one day there will be Heaven on Earth, that one way we Humans will manifest the Love and Compassion that we are.

    I am so looking forward to our first retreat.

    Much, much love,

  9. It is amazing to have such good people around !
    I am pleased for your mother Master Edji, and hope you get an Ashram soon too !
    What an attraction power you have Master! Your teachings are the most valuable ever found !

  10. There is a place in Sedona run by a guy John-Paul if he is still there.
    He has a few dome structures and it's a very short walk from downtown Sedona. It use to be called The healing center of Sedona. I have not spoken to John-Paul in years but if he is still there he could offer you something very reasonable for your group.