15 January 2011

Janet was right on with her comment about our spiritual family, Satsang and a possible--soon--ashram.

Some of my happiest (pre-awakening) days were living in various ashrams, such as Muktananda's in Santa Monica, and various Buddhist centers. There is something wonderful about sharing a common practice and vision. I am impressed by how much we are already functioning as a real, and ideal, family.

Perhaps we can create one or more little oases of gentility and compassion while the world seems to go to hell around us.

Each of us seem to be finding our roles within our community. I am impressed.

Very soon our online community, now limited to 25 people, will expand to where we can have 200 online with two-way video, thanks to the untiring dedication of Jo Ann and Alan Chinn.

Rajiv and I will expand Satsang in the sense of having more frequent guided meditations online-perhaps weekly.

Many changes are coming very quickly, and I'll keep you informed as our together-future unfolds. I think Robert would have been very happy with our family.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone involved, thank you so much! This is all such a blessing and I hope the same for everyone working so hard to make it all happen.

  2. What a lovely development! May many many many awaken in this ashram!