25 March 2018

We seem to becoming into an age of blossoming femininity, transforming patriarchy into matriarchy. That is only right given the millennia of suppression under male-dominated societies.  Yes, this could make for a more compassionate world with far more subtle emotions and energies. A world on women’s terms.

But this is not enough.  This is still unbalanced. The final state will be when sexism is transcended and everyone ‘felt’ as an equal embodiment of God.

This is an age of near absolute repression in every aspect of social life.  We can only escape such when two lovers have transcended most all of these repressions and live quietly together, lovingly, worshipping each other, surrendered to each other, all quietly and silently, until there are enough of us when it will be safe to go public, speaking ad acting openly about this divine love relationship.

Right now the most advanced form of couplehood is where the man surrenders to the woman, worships her, surrenders to her, and she accepts and does likewise.  In the future they will surrender to each other immediately having learned how to be totally open in the moment in a very knowing way, seeing the future potential naturally flowing from their coming together.

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