25 March 2018


I do not teach self-inquiry the Robert Adams or Ramana taught.  I do not ask “Who am I?” and wait for an answer. That is totally in the mind level.

I ask you instead to feel within.  Feel for your sense of being alive only, not for who you are theoretically.  Start by feeling for your emotions.  Do you feel any?  If so, feel them and gently bring them into your heart. I have explained this method in detail elsewhere many times and I call it eating emotions.

Then feel for energies within.  Start by concentrating on your fingers or toes.  Within seconds you will feel tingling.  Focusing attention brings forth energies.  Keep practicing these each day and hold onto and spread these 

You can add a new practice; think of someone you love deeply, now or in the past.  Feel within your heart area for an opening, an internal relaxation that will feel tender, or maybe with gratitude.  Hold your attention there.
Feel also into your genitals thinking of this person? Do you feel any movement or erotic sensation?  Focus on these feelings and allow them to expand.

There is something a woman can do that most men cannot, which is to learn how to experience continuous orgasms, at first in the vaginal area, or in the womb, but felt without anyone else being present or without touching herself.

Thinking of your Beloved, not necessarily in a sexual way at all, you can feel your heart continuously opening, and along with it, continuous orgasms in your vagina, womb, and heart without physical stimulation, just from an opening heart.

Of course there has to be guidance from someone who knows the way to ignite both the heart and sexual complexes, and it involves fantasy processes, but such cannot be described in the context of this short post.

With very little practice you can begin feel continuous orgasms off and on all day, and for many minutes at a time and with various intensities. 

All kinds of things will now be happening to your physical, emotional and energy bodies, but even more importantly, you will directly understand and feel that you are not your physical body, but your deeper energy/emotional/love body which is pure spirit and which both inhabits your physical body and also feels it.  It is these more subtle bodies that are sentience, not your physical body.  The deepening of your awareness of internal energies, your heart, and sexuality are felt as one continuous energy body, different from your physical body which is perceived as an object, not as you, the subject.

This is your initiation to real self-inquiry, real self feeling deeper and deeper beyond your physical body and your mind.  From this deeper place in you, the mind is forgotten and you are living from your heart, gut, and sexuality, no longer subject to the dictates of your mind, judgments or morality,  but from your entire sense of presence as being a sentient incarnation of the universal life force.

Gradually you will learn more and more about yourself, until your own sense of self seems pleased by your efforts and love you have shown it.  Then the life force reveals itself to you in the most amazing displays of energy, light, bliss, gratitude, and love, and you are reborn as a self-knowing incarnation of God, the life force. This is one form of self-realization which I call awakening to the Manifest Self, the experiential self, or the life force.

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