10 March 2018


The life force, the energies, love, and the entirety of all of existence lacks substance, are hollow, are just a show, a play of energies including the life force.

But, attaining that ultimate, the Unborn, the Un-Witnessing Witness, can most easily and quickly be obtained by means of the Subtle Body, Shakti, bliss, aroused sensuality an awareness of one's body, than from going the route of quietism, bland internal meditation, and a non-energetic observation of one’s sense of presence within the void.  

Why not enjoy yourself fully while attaining that knowingness beyond existence through immersion in devotional love and surrender towards another?  What better way to the final truth, then through love of others, devotion to others, worship of others with one’s own body and sense of presence?

This new way is really an old way in disguise, by renaming the Subtle Body investigation as love, surrender, worship, and finding the divine within ourselves and in others by exploding in love and energies? 

Some teachers say they teach within the constraints of their culture, which may or may not be very restrictive, and may or may not allow for loud proclamations of love, desire and devotion, and completely limit those you can select and express. Thus culture and society impose limits on the spiritual search and its expressions.

But you see, culture and society are the enemies of Life.  The absolute, even beyond God, is obtained by becoming gods through love of the other as separate incarnations, including you, an incarnate instantiation of the Life Force.  

Teachers who are so mild-mannered as to limit themselves to culture expressions, and not challenge the culture itself, the civilization itself, are enablers of their cruelty and their repressive contractions of all divine expressions.

Only by becoming public with the power of raw spirituality, can the procrustean beds of rigid morality, repressive culture, and old, old spiritualities, be exploded, allowing this new spirituality of roaring love and energies crack those molds and destroy them.  

Become heroes, not hiding your brilliance behind closed doors.  Shine, shine, shine publicly, in schools, ashram’s, in Satsang’s, in politics, on the stage, in movies, everywhere displayed, the divine spirit of the life force exploding in its devotees.

This is what Osho tried to do and Krishnamurti in his own y anemic way.  You have one life.  Why not live it to the fullest?

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  1. the understanding that Robert taught was that the sadhus and those that played in the world with all the chakras, magic etc etc he noticed were that they were never really happy.

    Thus the only real happiness anyone can find is the absolute within - which is eternal and forever.
    You make this absolute feel dull and dreary - it is not- full stop - you are not describing what Robert describes as the Self/absolute.
    Your explanation about the absolute are false and it can easily be seen that what you try to explain as the absolute is really still about the level the mind only and not the absolute.
    Rise up higher dear Ed and really feel the bliss of the Self.