09 March 2018

These are new times.  The world we knew is falling apart, sinking in corruption, greed, and hiddenness.  Motives and power centers hide and lie.  Spiritual teachers tell stories a thousand years repeated to no avail. 

The closest spiritual movement responsive to our societal change is the public recognition of the divine feminine, magic, and energies.  But this is merely a reactive movement to an age old repression of women, the triumph of intellect in the form of science, over feeling, intuition, and energies of the Magii, warlocks, and a world of spiritual entities.

The way things are and the reactive movements of elevation feminism and magic is still way out of balance, and is a kind of Hegelian dialectic.

But we can transcend that dialectic and the current unbalance by taking the basic spiritual position that each of us is an incarnation of God in the form of life, the lifeforce, a.k.a., sentience in the form of the motivational principle as opposed to the witnessing principle.   Getting rid of the mind and sinking into the body and recognizing that energy being within, which we assuredly are, and thereby allowing us to bring the energy body into a position of dominance over mind and body.

We bring that energy body alive through love for each other, and by being aided by those who are totally self-aware of that energy body, one’s sense of presence as other than the physical body. And, the most powerful aid to awakening that body is for men and women to find that one other that transform them from humans into incarnations.  Men need to worship women and vice versa, because it is unbalanced for one sex to dominate in any area.

The teacher or advanced friend can prepare you for awakening by giving awareness of the lifeforce, but the flowering comes when we find our greatest love, and for the man, that means to fall at the feet of his woman and worship her, love her, surrender his soul to her, and vice versa.  Then there stands a divine couple,  Krishna and Radha, Rama and Sita.

This union produces states a life unknown to the common man.  One is aware of internal and external energies, of life without dominance by mind, a life not filled with distracting interests other than each other and bring the divine to others by providing a living example.  Life is completely different but I cannot describe it to you, because the words for this way of living and feeling do not exist, and if spoken, would be understood only by very few.

I have been speaking this way for years but few ever get to the place they understand.  A lot of ripening has to take place, a lot of purification, so now I try a different tactic and talk about sex.  That interests 95% of all peoples, but unfortunately, they bring their sexual preconceptions and baggage with them when they hear what I speak of it.

But a liberated sexuality is a key ingredient to awakening to the divine within and worshipping your beloved.  Sex is utterly transformed and its energies are used to awaken all the other energy centers within the energy, emotional, and physical bodies.  Women get to experience endless both subtle and also intense orgasms even when alone just thinking of their Beloved, while such spiritual orgasms are more rare among men, they are able to reside in endless pre-orgasmic bliss just thinking of their woman.  Nd, there are many different sorts of orgasm, not just the small subset of those associated with physical sex.  There are orgasms centered in the heart and associated with surrendered love, and whole body intense orgasms set off just by hearing your man speak of his love for you.  It is a wonderous world of sensuality, and not just of orgasming, but the bliss of the most subtle touches by your lover.  The intensity of the love is ever changing, not only in intensity, but its flavor, subtlety, and duration, and not at all associated with physical sex, but still we desire it to give pleasure to our other.

So, come to Satsang, read wearesentience.com, our blog, itisnotreal.blogspot.com, our youtube videos.  But Satsangs are where energies are shared so that you can feel them.

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