17 June 2017

My mother is not doing well.  She is mostly stable in a semi-conscious wakefulness.  She is able to sit in her easy chair, but is very weak, and is asleep most of the time. 

It has been two weeks since the problem of being kicked out of the ER and not admitted for observation and treatment of her sudden decline and bout of confusion.  Physical therapy still has not been authorized although visits to a cardiologist and nephrologist have been.  Yet, she is too weak to go to an office visit by automobile.  The waiting room wait and transport would be very hard on her a fragile as she is.  I would fear further decompensation as she suffered from the ER visit.

Her illness is strange.  Sudden total weakness, sudden inability to walk, or stay fully consciousness, yet the hospital could not be bother even to admit her for observation.  They are so afraid I am going to sue, that they are trying to speed up the PT.  But she thinks she is too weak for physical therapy.

She keeps repeating weakly, “I am not here,” which would be fine for a student of Robert, but not so good as a prognostic sign.

I request all of you who think you have healing powers, or believe in the effectiveness of prayer, to wish my mom, Helen Alder, well.  Thank you!

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