12 June 2017


"From Edji: Just keep reading Nisargadatta, Ultimate Medicine, Prior to Consciousness, etc. Then something will click."

Sri Edji, Click, click, clit,.....Many different things popping up.

One day I knew I was never born and my legs were gone. Felt light

Last night before I was born, no duality. NO and never was a Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, my family,cars, house, Edji, and never was there a World.

Then the question why stay in this illusion after awakening??

What would be the purpose it is all a sham?

Some days the bliss just kicks my ass....especially with this full moon.

I do fall in Love with the animals, wasps, ants, just any little bug is so so beautiful. I don't know why I see such beauty in them all, feeding them and taking them out of danger....its just a blast. Maybe I shouldn't ask any questions just go with the flow.

I was indoctrinated since this "fake birth" and am realizing that absolutely everything I was told and read is just someone's else's idea. From grade school to college, Catholic school, U.S. Army, spirituality ......just everything is and was just B.S.

Rode down into the tube of death....what wonders to behold!

Edji, this is an unbelievable venture. If you didn't pick me to be your student this would never happen.

HOW many millions or billions of years have I been lost? How many times did the dissolution of the Universe take place?

I have fear of nothing. Not even my deepest fears have any meaning anymore.

I have to thank you Edji for calling me. You are the most honest, down to earth, loving person in the World and the best guide there is for those seeking Self-Realization.

Love you deeply, steve

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