12 June 2017

Deeya's Soulful Response


Yes. It is that. The play of life and death. Of Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer. Hence the hospice servitude of both me and Keri Ma. It's ever present. And yes, I saw that early, with the shocking suddenness of my father, as did you; It was witnessed through working with countless veterinarians, farmers, and even from viewing slaughter houses... It was seen with the car wreck, through the death of my husband, with the passing of all my grandparents (including my mother's mother at 100), in my working at the coroner's office, then also with every dog I ever had, all my early teachers. It is there... silently waiting to take, to reclaim that life force... In every manifestation I have seen it, in every direction and in every relation... (eventually so)... and also in all of the who and the what that I thought I was and wasn't too... In all of the coming and going of the phenomenal and the multi-dimensional. And so here we are.

Are you familiar with 'Adonis,' the poem of Percy Bysshe Shelley. A favourite stanza from that is this one... especially the line in orange.

The One remains, the many change and pass;
Heaven’s light forever shines, Earth’s shadows fly;
Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass, 30
Stains the white radiance of Eternity,
Until Death tramples it to fragments.—Die,
If thou wouldst be with that which thou dost seek!
Follow where all is fled!—Rome’s azure sky,
Flowers, ruins, statues, music, words, are weak 35
The glory they transfuse with fitting truth to speak.

I am perfectly at peace on hearing that you are now with Robert and that all is settled. And I knew all along about Michael. Innumerable of the best and happiest days of my light are those illumined with you, he, and the Sanghees... 

Being with you shopping in Ralph's was an absolutely unforgettable highlight of my heart; Satsang on the sundeck of Mae West's place in Santa Monica, lapped by the sound of the ocean; The magic, majesty and mystery of pelicans accompanying us in flight, right beside us, as we drove along the coast to Malibu; Swans on the lake as we circled the Shrine at Self Realize the nation; Catching your falling tears as we set Lakshmi free; And of course, your infinite capacity in listening... to my little child's heart break... over and over and over again... at all the pain of loss and life and of what really is... and isn't. Was it Jean Dunne who said "Consciousness reveals all it's secrets..."

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