18 September 2016


But first you have to find your Self. That Self is not your body. The body is only the mortal shell.

What you are is the Life Force, Prana, awareness and that of which you are aware including your body. The body does not know itself but serves as the vessel for consciousness, which does perceive and feel the body, its motion, its organs, its pains and pleasures.
This awareness of your body also paints a humanizing picture of the external world from one point of view  (scientific/Nisargadatta), or creates an illusory world of the unreal, from another point of view (Robert/Ramana), which is purely speculation and makes no living difference.

Get to know consciousness by looking within long enough to become aware of the Empty Void within, and the light of consciousness, a phrase that denotes 'self-illumined'.

Once you begin to know yourself, love your self. Feel it. Honor it. Worship it and one day you will realize it is God, the divine, and yet it is also you.

Then one day after the madness and joy of self-realization passes, and you can even go beyond it to the source.

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