14 November 2012

My dear Deeya, who recently spent two weeks in Los Angeles with me to my delight, has a free webinar series as part of her work with Quantum Touch based here in L.A. Below is a link either to one of the videos leading up to the webinars which introduce one to the world of subtle body energies, including heart energy. Already 4,000 people have signed up for the webinars.  I am so proud of her.



Deeya and I outside Follow Your Heart

Training in energies is definitely not for everyone.  One feels like one is making great spiritual progress, but one is just focusing on one layer of the subtle body, one of many levels.  The experiences can be exciting, but they can be frightening too.  Other levels of the subtle body are emotions, thinking, imagination, and the various voids or emptiness.

Eventually you have to go deeper, all the way through the subtle body into the great unknowing Causal Body, and even lower into Turiya. But the subtle body work can get you lower than the surface beingness that the neo-advaitins talk about.


  1. it is very pleasant to see your happiness with this meeting ! i wish you many other beautiful meetings like that with your others spiritual students like Deeya !
    with much love for you !
    thank you to be like you are, so much spontany and warmly !