08 October 2012


Buy your ticket now to Caracas or Sao Paulo, Romney has caught up or is surpassing Obama in popular vote and in some swing states. Republicans have a higher percentage of highly motivated voters.

See latest PEW Research poll.  Dems scared, as am I.


This of course will change if Biden beats Ryan, but will widen if Ryan beats Biden.  Who said debates don't count?


  1. yeah, i've got my travel agent on speed dial.
    'one way ticket to guatemala please...'


    relax ed, u will see fire from biden thursday and the next 2 from obama.

  2. I agree John...Biden will kick Ryan's ass all over the stage. And all Obama has to do, really, is keep his balls from rolling out of his pants legs this next time.

    Otherwise, we can all probably get a good group rate on a one-way cruise to S.A. How about an Ashram in Venezuela, Ed? It will beat living in a FEMA camp in a couple of years if Rom-nazi wins.

    I would say ha-ha, but the Govt didn't build 600 new FEMA camps in the last 10 years as part of a 'jobs creation program'...nor did they train all the police forces in implementing Marshall Law just to give the cops some job diversity.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist, but the totalitarian winds of change have been quietly growing over the years, as has been the increase in media disinformation/and misinformation.

    And even if the Dems retain the Presidency, we are far still far from being out of the woods. Talk about depressing!

    It's a good thing none of this is real...

    Now I'm laughin' big time!!!