09 October 2012

One Pointer from Robert Adams

Muzika: Don't take this Advaita shit too seriously.

Pointers from Robert Adams:

The first thing to understand is that everything that has transpired in your life has been necessary. No matter how it looks, no matter what has happened, everything has been necessary.

The second thing to understand is, everything has been preordained. In other words, everything was supposed to happen the way it happened. There were no mistakes.

The third thing to understand is that the first two things are all a pack of lies, for these things do not even exist in Reality.


  1. I liked the Muzika pointer at the beginning.

  2. Muzika: Don't take this Advaita shit too seriously.

    you are very funny mister Muzika with your comments , there is always with you a mix of serious things and humour ! i like that very much !you are overflowing of living sentience !
    i imagine very well robert smiling about your comments !!!
    i think that humour or derision may be as efficient as these advaita words to pacify the mind
    much love for you

  3. So if we reverse these statements then they are still lies.

    Everything is unnecessary.
    Everything is a mistake.
    These statements are true and exist in Reality.

    Still bullshit.

    Conclusion? Reality cannot be expressed in words.

    So is that a lie?

    1. To my friend Waldo,


      You are so full of shit!

      Thanks for the laugh, now GTF out of your head!

      Love, V

    2. To my friend Victoria,

      Thanks for the reminder.

      Love, The Punk

  4. This above Post looks weird in my browser. Everything is jumbled up together. Rather like life, huh? lol


  5. I just read your "My Helicopter" post and the other more recent posts after that one. I wonder if the issue is that no one has a clue what anyone is teaching until they reach that point and have that "Aha! So, that's what he was talking about!" feeling. For example, I *just* "realized" that my Awareness is "all that there is" here, today. The mind, the body, the "I" are going away someday. The awareness seems to be more like something that will "continue" (or something). My awareness seems to be what "reveals" everything. So, I figured THAT must be SOMETHING. (lol) Then I read your "My Helicopter" post. If I have read other posts of yours that speak of the different levels "below" Awareness (and I am sure I have), I don't remember them or remember them understanding them until today. Hell, I was so proud of my little awareness realization. (Bah-ha-ha!) Ah, well, back to the grindstone, mentally (and at work).

    (Changing the subject to one of your other recent posts:) So, I guess Robert's statements effectively say you will have an ashram or you wont. I used to want to be a "lama" or a guru, etc. I now realize they spend most of their time fund-raising which holds no interest for me. I figure my desires to teach were just selfish. (I tried teaching Buddhist Dharma once, which is my background. I really suck as a teacher.) Good luck, anyway.

    I am either trying to figure out how to live or how to die. Not really sure which.

    Take care,

    Paul Stevenson,
    Chantilly, VA

  6. The point is a lot of stuff exists, but the mind's interpretations and judgments are not existentially existent, but merely opinions about "reality," (which is only a temporary POV) which cannot be grasped and is ever flowing. AND, at the end of life, even this stops.

  7. it looks like you when i read all your various posts here : you seem "a reality which cannot be grasped and is ever flowing "

  8. to paraphrase unless you lose yourself you shall never be found, unless you die to yourself you shall never wake up or something -something- something- nothing -nothing -nothing--- it's good for me, joe-michael, to know there are those grappling with self inquiry and that I might get help with that having technical difficulty in more ways than one