30 October 2012

Goodbye Democracy

If you have not already voted, in seven days you'll have the opportunity to choose between two corporate-whore Republicans.  One is an ever-lying, say and do anything bully, a member of the super rich bent on cutting his own income taxes by 26%, and the other is a Republican wolf in Democratic sheep's clothing who once posed as a black liberal.

No matter which you choose, both will attack social security, Medicare and Medicaid as part of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.  Romney's presidency over the next years would feature more wars, more shifting of wealth to the rich, and a further dumming down of America.  

Hmmm. Ditto the same for Obama.

With both parties nominating corporate shills, not much will change until the various underclasses (that is you and me) organize to revolt.  I don't see this happening soon, for the Republican party knows how to deal with unrest among the masses.  As one cartoonist said, "It is because we have the best riot police in the world."

The type of society that obtains when corporations conspire with the government to control all aspects of its citizenry's lives is called fascism.  We are far more fascist now than ten years ago, and I assume in another 20 years we will be an entirely, police-controlled society, even as Obama moves forward under pretext of national security to legally weaken personal constitutional rights, and also strengthen Homeland Security's control of domestic intelligence.

Everyone knows this.  The liberal journalists know this, and the right wing journalists not only know it, but are spokespersons for the corporatization of the little remaining residual democracy.

I predict further increases in the "berserker" cases, where individuals go mad and start killing masses of innocent people.


  1. It wouldn't almost seem from the situation and scenario you depict that refraining from voting would be the wisest decision, doesn't it?

    Think all bask totally in the "I am" that day and simply follow whatever my Self directs me to do(or not do).


  2. Thank you Edji. Yes, true. Also, this is an opportunity to use our intelligence and allow for compassionate problem solving in our own lives, with our families and in our communities.

    Politicians may never be an answer. We are. By not getting ruffled and giving in to angst and fear we are being of service. I am only interested in managing myself.

    Standing in your love can be helpful as well, as Sylvaine beautifully related in her recent encounters with others since submitting to you.

    Fear is failure.

    I am nothing. Therefore I have nothing and no one to fear.


  3. I easily and with assurance predict earthquakes, tornados, flooding...
    inevitable. Whole population on this planet will be forced to change or will be wiped out totally and completely. :)
    Too much bullshit going on...

  4. this is brilliant what u wrote ed. whoever gets elected is irrelevant. ultimately there will have to be some kind of a total revolution from the grass roots. the whole system is totally, completely F U C K E D U P.

    1. But "Occupy Wall Street" and the other "Occupy" movements were there in plain sight and seemed like a grass roots "total revolution" you're talking about, yet what's happened? Have the controlling 1% since been tossed out, their power and influenced diminished to any real extent?

  5. Dear Ed, Late reply to your prediction wich I was thinking abouth after reading a news story.
    "We are programmed to fear the next Ted Bundy, or "lone nut" stalking our neighborhood, but we would do better to scrutinize more closely those to whom we pay our taxes and falsely look up to as protectors -- they are stalking the planet ..."