30 March 2012

Self-Inquiry, Ramana-style, and the householder

An excellent discussion of Ramana/Robert's method of self-inquiry, of going backwards into the self, by David Godman,

Notice this is almost exactly Nisargadatta's method of attending to the I Am-sensation.  Ramana emphasizes attending to the I-"thought" as a person normally associates the thought I with an attribute or action in everyday life, while Maharaj focuses on the feeling of I Am, and the affect of love associated with the self.  This opens a broader highway for the self to investigate itself, because you bring in the power of emotion into the going back process.

He then discusses the self-inquiry process for the householder with children, a job and home as not different.  You do what you have to and practice self-inquiry when you remember, and if possible, sitting secluded from time to time.

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  1. David put a lot of effort into making sure that his understanding was clear.

    I think this is crucial.

    The clearer the understanding the more focused and effective the 'practice' can be.

    Ed, thanks for recommending "Master of Self-Realization".

    It has been a great tool to sharpen and deepen my understanding.