11 March 2012

Coming shortly.  Matthew Brown has compiled all of my Satsang talks with photos into a 525 page pdf that will be posted on Scribd soon.  I will provide the link shortly.  It is really well-done and I thank him so much.


  1. you mean he typed it all by himself? WOW!!!

    Thank You, Matthew!

  2. Matthew rocks!
    I love you Matthew!
    God bless you!

  3. Thanks Matthew.

    What a blessing.

  4. Hi Alexander and other folks! Just for the historical record, such as it is, I didn't type every single word of the satsang transcripts (except for one--from a satsang that was recorded live in Los Angeles, all the rest were from online satsangs;) they were transcribed by various devotees such as Jean Reilly and Katherine Corrigan--what I did was to carefully listen to each word from the original satsang recordings while reading the transcription, often listening to just one sentence or phrase several times over to check for correct punctuation, phrasing, cadence, esoteric reference to other texts within the Advaita and Zen Buddhist canons, and deeper meanings which offer lay interspersed between colloquial expressions. So you can say I proofread and edited the satsang transcripts, then formatted and published them to the Internet for posterity. Thanks for this tremendous pleasure and privilege is all due to Edji! And whoever benefits, I really hope people do! God bless all of us. Love, Matthew