06 March 2012

As far as I see inner, outer, feelings, thoughts, sensations and experience of subject are really objects. It is all just one unity of experience. And different I's are part of that experience. This is clear. But all I can see is just this one experience. I don't see any way I could move beyond this because all things happen in this oneness . I don't see how I could possibly see the watcher of this experience, because all looking and seeing are part of this experience. I don't know how I could go in any way beyond this one view of unity.



Yes, all "things" happen in this oneness, and they are objects indeed. 

What of the subject?

That experiences are objects is absolutely true, but what of the witness who cannot be grasped, the one who evaluates?

Don't you see, even saying it is all a unity is said ABOUT the unity of experience, and therefore is said as an evaluation from without. It is a metastatement that may appear to be only another thought like all others, but it is said from the perspective of one who observes as from without.

The various 'Is' are the one subject showing into the unity.  They are the singularities where the self can be seen. It is strange that "you" observe separate Is and not just one I, the absolute subject who stands in a different dimension.

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  1. Ed, your reply cuts through the subtleties of the mind.