27 September 2010

Nicole Adams and Blake Warner deliver new Cease and Desist Takedown Order to Matthew Brown to take down his script, "Razor's Handle" from the it is not real website.

Nicole and Warner never stop trying to bury the real Robert Adams under their pious Christian imitation of the Robert Adams I knew.

The Cease and desist email:

Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 20:32:13 -0700
Subject: Cease and Desist
From: blake.r.warner@gmail.com

Dear Matthew Brown,

This is a Cease and Desist demand to immediately remove your illegal screenplay constituting copyright infringement, false WGA registration, fabricated content, defamatory, and false representation immediately from the website itisnotreal.com as well as removing illegal and fraudulent registration under your name from the Writers Guild of America regarding one screenplay entitled “The Life and Teaching of Robert Adams.” 

Please be informed that Dr. Wesley Johnson as well as additional individuals have filed legal complaints regarding ongoing conveyed objections and complaints from life long students and relations of his in law Robert Adams throughout the world in relation to fabricated content created by complete strangers during the time period of their association, presence  and studentship with Mr. Adams, a complete stranger to you.

The content of your screenplay is proven both fabricated and defamatory in documented and verified time and location references, and currently constitutes felony action, written and attributed completely to you as the author, a complete stranger to both Mr. and Mrs. Adams, entirely unfamiliar with their life, teaching, family or social associations. This document is entirely fabricated and inaccurate regarding the life and teaching of Robert Adams.

Consistent harassment, defamation, ongoing internet infringement has been repeatedly  documented in association and attributed to your posted illegal works, your own words, and your posted statements. This has resulted in incoming consistent disruptions, harassment and defamation of the lives and careers of complete strangers who have never heard of you and have no involvement, association with, or knowledge of you. 

This is the second notification of Cease and Desist.
Retract any affiliations with public posting of this illegal document constituting felony criminal activity.

Your immediate removal of this public posting is requested within 24 hours.

John Bernie Shapiro 

PLEASE EMAIL NICOLE (a.k.a. Prem Devi) premdevi@cox.net telling her what you think of her slime ball tactics, AND Blake Warner: blake.r.warner@gmail.com

You will never find a physical address for Infinity because they don't want to be located for a number of reasons.


  1. Per your wishes Master. Sent by email to Nicole and Blake. Your other students may wish to understand the shaky legal ground they stand on...


    Dear Nicole and Blake,

    As one who has been deeply moved by the talks of Robert Adams and his book Silence of the Heart, I must say that I find it incredulous that you are not welcoming Matthew Brown’s beautifully presented screenplay with open arms.

    Robert was a most beautiful Saint and Sage and stressed over and over again that we are ONE... not two!

    I can not believe that you have heard his talks and read the book when you undertake such negative action against your SELF!

    Robert also stressed that the TRUTH of who we really are cannot be sold, it must be offered freely to all spiritual seekers and those who are sincere will take care of the teacher’s needs.

    Do you not remember the story Robert told of the lady who got caught up in launching a new lawsuit every month and how miserable and unhappy she was... are you both that unhappy?

    From a spiritual perspective, your spinning around in such obvious fear is a perfect lesson for others of how our egos carry us away from who we really are.

    From a legal perspective, you risk being sued yourselves for launching such a frivolous legal action.

    There is no defamation, copyright infringement or other intellectual property infringement in Matthew’s screenplay that I can see.

    And to think that Robert’s talks are copyright protected is sheer fantasy and legally ridiculous. If you would bother to listen to Robert’s talks you would clearly hear him directing copies to be made for FREE distribution and discussing how they have been spread all over the world. There are clearly many tapes being made and Robert even joked about this. Those tapes are the property of the persons taping the Satsangs WITH Robert’s full permission and all photographs taken with his full permission by his students are the property of those students.

    There is a legal term you should be aware of called “PUBLIC DOMAIN”.

    You should also research the legal judgement set in the ACIM decision by Robert W. Sweet, U.S. District Court Judge on October 24, 2003 and note that the defendants were awarded costs.

    I cannot think of a better closing line than one that Robert himself often said...

    Why don’t you just WAKE UP!

    With Respect,

    Jo-Ann Chinn

  2. I have sent my email to Nicole.
    I am so curious deep down why any one would want to hold back the great words and teachings of Robert Adams.
    Like when you strip down the situation.......What is her ultimate reasoning for these actions.
    Much Love to Everyone
    Ricky van den Ende

  3. One more email sent.

  4. The Infinity folks appear to be wingnuts. First they state that the work is a copyright infringement and then they say the life and teachings of Robert Adams as portrayed are completely fabricated and inaccurate.

    Which are they, fabricated or a copyright infringement?

    Then they say this script is defamatory and harassing. Defaming whom? Harassing whom?

    Defamation of lives and careers of complete strangers? What strangers are these?

    Second notification of Cease and Desist? Does he mean the rambling, hysterical phone call by Nicole Adams was the first Cease and Desist?

    These people are as nutty as the Guru Swami G people.

    What copyright infringement? What document copyright protected was infringed?

    Who was defamed? Point it out and stat

  5. My email:
    Dear Nicole and Blake,

    I would like to express my feeling about what is going on with the itisnotreal website and the screenplay of Sri Roberts live.

    For about a year I am a regular visitor of the itisnotreal site and log. Thanks to the wonderful work of Robert Adams and Edji my live has make a tremendous change in the direction of awakening. To me your actions against the work of Edji and the screenplay seems totally contradicted to what Robert was teaching us.

    When I close my eyes and listen I can hear him say. "Leave the world alone... "

    I ask you to respect the teachings of Sri Robert and let it free for the benefit of all. I didn't find so much wonderful and useful information on the site of the infinite institute. I ordered long ago for a lot of money the CD's with compilations of a few talks with are worth-full listen to anyway. But is in no way comparable with the free and raw material available from itisnotreal.

    I totally underline the email from Jo Ann as published on the itisnotreal site.

    My request to you is to stop treating the work of Edji and respect the universal teaching as thought by Sri Robert.

    DROP IT!

    Dennis van der Flier

  6. I have been following news on this website and what can I say?
    Ed, you are quite a cook, because ingredients for cooking are coming by themselves, ha ha ha.

  7. I am almost cooking after receiving a reply from the infinite institute:

    Thank you for contacting the Robert Adams institute. Your Letter Has Been Received. Peace be with you.
    Per Assistance, Forward from Melanie Warner MA:

    Beloved Cherished Love of The Sage, Our Divine Mother of 40 years Mrs. Adams
    is bedridden and hospitalized and receives her messages solely through her lifelong personal satsang in joyful brotherhood and celebrations.

    The Sage has never left her and your message as The Sage instructed in his prophecies shall not be forwarded in disrespect and misinformation.
    “A saint is attracted to the teaching of saints. A thief is attracted to the teaching of thieves. One who is pure hearted is pure hearted to others.”
    Please cease and desist from harassing the Beloved of The Sage, a stranger to you whom has never met you. “Those who gossip will dwell in this consciousness.”
    You have not received the Message of The Sage of Love, Compassion and Humility, as reflected in your words.

    In spiritual integrity, the Yamas and Niyamas, your site in reference was removed by authorities for transgressions of the law.

    “One who knows, knows only loving kindness. One who imagines he knows, uses spirituality to convey divine ignorance in anger and bothering others.”
    Your trust has been taken advantage of. Your facts are inaccurate. “Cling to Goodness. Cling to the Truth at all times. You will be protected.”

    Per your quote, the context was removed. You have been greatly misinformed by one banished by Robert for poor behavior. You have not received the Truth.

    “When I say leave the world alone I mean to entertain higher thoughts. I call you to a Higher Vision. One who Knows, gives only love to all.” The Silence of the Heart

    1. Dear DJ, is there any chance that you still have this original email? If so please forward to robertadamsinfo@gmail.com We are working on a real court case against Blake R. Warner

  8. Hmmm..

    Your message was a harassment of Nicole even though Nicole was never given any messages by her students. How strange.

    A previous response was that she and Robert were together every day for 40 years. Does that count the time he was in India? Was she there too, or is she claiming Robert lied about being in India in his many talks?

    If you listen to Robert's 220 plus talks, is Nicole ever mentioned? Is Ed Muzika mentioned? Is Blake Warner mentioned? Are Robert's daughters mentioned?

  9. From DJ

    "Thank you for contacting the Robert Adams institute. Your Letter Has Been Received. Peace be with you."

    Yes, exactly the message I got when I emailed Nicole.


  10. ben russell to premdevi, blake.r.warner, me
    show details 12:22 PM (3 hours ago)
    Hi all,

    I do not pretend that my perspective will influence your actions; however, I want to respond to your cease and desist order to itisnotreal.com : please reconsider.

    I can appreciate trying to maintain the integrity of a teaching, especially after being intimately involved with Robert for so many years. Further I can understand seeking, in general, compensation and recognition for what you feel you offer and have a right to protect. It appears you do this through the infinity site: you have space to present your view of Robert and his teachings, offer teaching aids for fees, and recommend some of Robert's students that now offer services.

    Please consider that for many of us we experience Robert as an embodiment of the Advaita tradition, so

    Within the tradition of Advaita Vedanta relating with the infinite as a living guru is free, satsang is free, loving-kindness is spontaneous and free for all levels of seekers. Typically the guru's needs are met by advanced, close students, devotees. Rarely are disciples or seekers expected to respond to this privilege.

    Advaita is not truly viewed as a teaching per say, something one learns or masters, it is a direct expression of reality presented in manners each seeker can accept: stillness, talking, devotion, considerations of practice. Truly it is not the same as paying an accomplished master how to meditate.

    As I assume you are familiar, The Guru is the one self, the no thing, the bridge to unlearning our delusion thus claiming our true present reality. So the guru is not a personality, is not a body, is not a teaching. there is nothing to protect and no thing to get. Perpetuating practices that spiritual progress relies on amassing expertise or information and thus requires an expert that should be compensated contradicts the bedrock of core Advaita traditions and teachers, including from my view Robert's.

    Maybe herein lies the challenge: I feel you see and present Robert and his teachings more as christian mysticism where there are traditions of study and contemplation while many of us experience Robert as the embodiment of self through the Advaita traditions. It is an ever-present, living truth that is us. Therefore for me there is no room for hobbling the expressions or understandings of Robert's teachings by students, family, or strangers. Can there not be room for all of our experiences of Robert?

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to a more open dialgue, starting with what maybe we can all agree to: loving-kindness, service to all life, and appreciation for the silence of the heart.

    Best wishes,

    Ben Russell

  11. Hi

    I have myself had some strange and highly reactive responses from Melanie and/or the institute. Recently, I commented on Melanie's youtube site and the fact that I have a preference for Robert's unadorned words, ie. without musical backgrounds.

    It escapes me why they are so sensitive to the least criticism of their work and now they have crossed a line as far as I am concerned with the new I Am video which now has a female voice over accompanying Robert's words.

    What also threw me for a loop in my first interaction with them was the legalistic and weirdly convoluted nature of their communication as if they were speaking to us from an unknown dimension. All in all very strange and disturbing.

  12. They have reported my YouTube account and Robert Adams videos and put my account in jeopardy and "bad" standing! Unbelievable. I sent a message to the devi email only to have it returned as undeliverable. They must be blocking now. (Commenting as anon because I don't want to sign in otherwise.) I need a good contact email to reply to their actions against me. What are they trying to accomplish? Seriously weird imo.

  13. This is what they posted in a hidden discussion area on my YouTube channel, which I didn't see until a month later (today). Ater they had reported me and had my RA videos deleted and now put my YouTube account in 'bad standing'. All of my time and energy with good intentions, they were able to destroy without a care or thought about what it might mean. Seriously delusional creatures imo. - mu
    PS: It was my understanding (and I believe I heard Robert say this as well) that his teaching was free to all and to disseminate it FREELY as we see fit. When did that change, if it did. Why are these psuedo-loving beings allowed to do this with no recourse? What is really going on? Lol. Mind-boggling to me. =)

    "Melanie Warner May 22, 2014 • Channel Discussion
    Dear Mu, We are taking the kind approach with you as we are advised that you are unaware of copyright rules and policies or the United states copyright office. Robert Adams gave specific instructions on how his personal copyrighted experiences were to be dispensated in the physical world. You have not been given permission to post Roberts likeness or his words read by you or any other. I know this may be upsetting but we are loyal to his origional requests, "In order to keep my work pure." Please remove all material assioated with the teaching of Robert Adams and The Infinity Institute. Thank you dear one. Blake warner"

  14. Thanks for your information, it was really very helpfull..

  15. Ed, ever consider just respecting Robert's wife and honoring her request?