27 September 2010

Dear Nicole and Blake,

As one who has been deeply moved by the talks of Robert Adams and his book Silence of the Heart, I must say that I find it incredulous that you are not welcoming Matthew Brown’s beautifully presented screenplay with open arms.

Robert was a most beautiful Saint and Sage and stressed over and over again that we are ONE... not two! 

I can not believe that you have heard his talks and read the book when you undertake such negative action against your SELF!

Robert also stressed that the TRUTH of who we really are cannot be sold, it must be offered freely to all spiritual seekers and those who are sincere will take care of the teacher’s needs.

Do you not remember the story Robert told of the lady who got caught up in launching a new lawsuit every month and how miserable and unhappy she was... are you both that unhappy?

From a spiritual perspective, your spinning around in such obvious fear is a perfect lesson for others of how our egos carry us away from who we really are.

From a legal perspective, you risk being sued yourselves for launching such a frivolous legal action.

There is no defamation, copyright infringement or other intellectual property infringement in Matthew’s screenplay that I can see.

And to think that Robert’s talks are copyright protected is sheer fantasy and legally ridiculous. If you would bother to listen to Robert’s talks you would clearly hear him directing copies to be made for FREE distribution and discussing how they have been spread all over the world. There are clearly many tapes being made and Robert even joked about this. Those tapes are the property of the persons taping the Satsangs WITH Robert’s full permission and all photographs taken with his full permission by his students are the property of those students. 

There is a legal term you should be aware of called “PUBLIC DOMAIN”.

You should also research the legal judgement set in the ACIM decision by Robert W. Sweet, U.S. District Court Judge on October 24, 2003 and note that the defendants were awarded costs.

I cannot think of a better closing line than one that Robert himself often said... 

Why don’t you just WAKE UP!

With Respect,

Jo-Ann Chinn


  1. "banished by Robert for poor behavior"....

    is this true Ed?

  2. So you got the impression she was speaking about me?

    Of course it is not true. Robert was disappointed I did not move up to Sedona with him, and he always treated me as a special guest when I visited him.

    There was no Beth when Robert was in LA, nor in Sedona living with him.

    I'll try to find Nicole's old letter to me; she has accused me of lots of things.

    However, the uneducated rambling nature of all correspondence from Infinity, without one shred of proof for any of their claims, speaks for itself.

  3. I contacted ICL a few months ago sincerely inquiring about lessons and events, and received a jibber-jabber response from Prem Devi which I am sharing here:

    Per your inquiry, in introduction to The Pure Form Original Teaching.
    Upon meeting beloved Robert Adams The Master Teacher,
    and his beautiful divine mother of nurturing love, Mrs. Adams, while residing
    as a nun in an ashram years ago, in which he remains the sole Westerner beloved in the orthodox ashramas and traditions of the East,
    for his true understanding, respect and conventional honoring on the Vedic precepts of
    Right Action, ethical living-lifestyle of the cultural origins in full Truth, as well as the Christian precepts of compassion,
    I devoted my life to the remarkable results obtained from this Teaching of a Pure One of Selfless Loving Kindness,
    through this saint of compassion, and the purest heart of joy emanated in gentle loving kindness
    in example in modern contemporary devoted family life, firmly adhering and teaching the Yamas and Niyamas
    for which he is revered internationally.

    Do you know for sure if Nicole Adams uses this alias, Prem Devi? and if so, why is she referring to Nicole as someone else?

    Thanks, Eric

  4. I don't know anything for sure. I do know I received a 7 page letter from Nicole years ago written in the same style, but which she signed.

    I do know she never lived in an ashram, at least according to Robert. I do know she was not with Robert in India as she appears to claim--at least according to Robert. Of course, that assumes Robert told me the truth, while in reality he and she may always have been together with their legion of 30 year students, which they only allege they are, but supply no proof.

    I supply ample proof that I was with Robert, transcribed transcripts, and even have audio of a phone call where Nicole glowingly tells me how well I know Robert.

    All this evidence is posted on this blog. They post nothing and email nothing in terms of proof of their existence next to Robert from 1989 to 1995. I can produce witnesses that Nicole was not there, his daughter was not at Satsang as a coteacher or student, that Blake Warner never was at Satsang nor did I ever see him the hundreds of times I saw Robert at his condo in Woodland Hills. (His mailbox was in Canoga Park).

    I sincerely doubt Nicole has been in the hospital for three years as Infinity claims, isolated from any emails or communications from the outside world.

    What kind of disorder leads to a person being hospitalized for three years? The only diagnoses I can think of are mental disorders.

    Now someone at Infinity will charge me again with slandering Nicole, even though written allegations of harmful lies and mistruths is called libel.

    I have not stated she is in a mental hospital, but only that there are few medical diagnoses that would require a three year hospitalization other than mental disorders, and few of them require more than a few weeks or months of hospitalization during periods of heightened risk for self or other harm.