18 September 2010


I just wanted to thank you.  I discovered your website and am totally resonating with the teachings of Robert Adams.  I am a ten year seeker.  I stumbled across Gangaji on cable access TV which let me to Ramana Maharshi…through Nisargadatta…through Ramesh Balsekar…then on to Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and John Sherman.

So, by this point, I have been exposed to some great teachers.  Your website with the teachings of Robert Adams has blown me away.  He says exactly what I was hoping a teacher would say.  Especially around the preordained, karma topics.  It is no mistake that I “stumbled” across you site.  I have shared it with a good spiritual buddy of mine and we are reading and talking through the ”Collected Works” together.

Thank you for your generosity and making the teachings of this modern master so easily available.




  1. Sir,
    I was going through your website which is blatantly disrespectful about Paramahansa Yogananda in quoting Robert with contradictions in 2 places and you seem to have made no effort in fixing this contradiction. At one place Robert says Yogananda wanted to get rid of him and didnt know how to teach at another place Robert says he found Ramanashram through the grace of Yogananda. This duplicity and bad words about a great saint is pathetic and uncalled for. Please explain.:
    1) http://itisnotreal.com/Roberts-Story.html Robert confides, "He couldn’t wait to get rid of me. I kept asking why he taught all the practices, mantras, affirmations and healing techniques, when all of them missed the point of Self-realization." Yogananda’s expressed attitude was along the lines of, "I’ve done very well, thank you, doing things this way!"
    In the second place you show an about turn in the attitude toward Yogananda by Robert:
    2)Through the grace of Paramahansa Yogananda I went to Sri Ramanasramam.
    Quoted in the Mountain Path http://itisnotreal.com/custom1.html

  2. Why blame me? Those are Robert's words not mine. In any event, i see not contradiction between the two quotes. It is you who are upset. Do you want me to raise Robert from the dead so that he takes back some of his words?

  3. Actually, the new poster should wonder about Yogananda himself...that is, whether he came from a defensive kind of stance when he was being challenged by Robert about the usefulness of the practices as far as attaining what he(Yogananda) claimed what these techniques/practices are alleged to have done.

  4. Without this website, we would know next to nothing about Robert and his Teachings. The new age twink being peddled by Infinity would be about it, excepting Silence of the Heart. But things happen as they are supposed to, so Robert's wonderful Satsangs have been preserved by his students. I am grateful beyond words to have found this site, and deeply touched by Ed's service to his Guru. I've read Ramana's Teachings all my adult life, but never have I heard Advaita so eloquently expressed in my own Western tongue and idioms, both timeless and fresh, by a true Jnani. I think Ramana and Nisargadatta and Robert (and Yogananada!) would all be very pleased.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy :)

  5. Well said, mgannon37. I share the feelings of gratitude you've expressed, particularly for Ed's generosity in making these resources available to us.