18 May 2010

Hi Master,

I hope you are well.

Now I can catch the “I Am” at will. It is almost always available. Without your help I would certainly give up and miss the goal.

I have a question about Autobiography. At page 74 you write, “Robert’s talks will help them sleep and gently point the way for many.”

Please, what do you mean by “sleep”? Do you mean they were dull and closed to the Robert’s talks? Or that the Robert’s talks inspired a sort of yoganidra to relax and open them?

The complete Italian translation will be ready soon. There are just 45 pages to the end. I have seen a French version will be available too. What a joy!!!

I and Julius are honoured to give Italian aspirants such a scripture.

Thank you and much love,


Most people came to Robert to hear his voice and teachings. He taught on the surface for most. Most relaxed and some slept in Satsang.  But for close students, the work was hard. He cooked us. But most never got close enough to feel the heat.

My teachings are more abrupt and effort directed so that real progress is made.

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