09 May 2010


Felt an urge to write again, but don't know why because i don't have particular question.
I haven't progressed much. But i don't know how to explain... this 'I AM' is being witnessed for sure by something which i cannot grasp nor i can be it.

Currently i am stuck (or not stuck) with my attention going in circles (not verbally).
And it seems that this is an unending sequence of knowers who knows itself through itself by objectifying itself.

"Who is this seer?" (during a day thinking mind arises, but automatically non-verbal questioning takes place and this whole inner "personal" affair collapses, stillness arises, it happens by itself)

"Who sees this seer?" (suddenly attention seeks the one behind the seer, because it is being felt that this seer which I am is being known by something or 'no-thing')
"Who knows the seer of the seer?" (yet again attention seeks something because some kind of "behind" is felt always no matter how deep you go)
"Who knows the seer of the seer of the seer?....."

It does not mean that I feel that there is seer behind seer behind seer behind seer in actuality (thought it seems so sometimes)... It is just to describe this attention always trying to go behind. 

Now in this writing process, suddenly, i realize that whatever there arise to be known, attention itself goes automatically to the knower of that knowledge because of the habit "who is the knower?", so if there is a Seer and something knows that seer, attention will seek always the knower of that 'something' who knows the seer and so on and on.

So ultimately it seems one needs to stop knowing? And let attention rest in itself?




Don't intellectualize so much. That infinite regression is purely concept. In your experience, there is only oneness. The mind divides the oneness into many. But all is one.

Only there is knowing, and not knowing, consciousness and the disappearance of consciousness. Yet, there is something that watches and is aware of the coming and going of consciousness and you are that, but "That" can never be known as an object. But you have to become absolutely certain of this before you stop practicing and just sit still in awareness.


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