16 May 2010

Hello sir,

I was just reading about an individual who had issues with depersonalization, and I'm just wondering how it compares to ego-dissolution? I've had brief episodes where it feels as if I'm merely observing myself act. I've understood this could be anxiety-related in many people, and that this type of experience is not something that is uncommon. So: Are these episodes something to "latch on to"? Can the experience be utilized for progress, so to speak? The reason I'm asking is because it's generally considered pathological and people seem to find the experience unsettling but maybe it's a key to something beyond?

I'm not trying to conceptualize here, and I don't want to waste your time, sir. It's merely because I, as many others, have had these experiences but I find them somewhat unsettling. But can I use them somehow, or try to stay in that very observing position if an episode occurs?

Thank you,


These are only experiences--temporary experiences. 

You are the witness of all experiences and beyond them. Be aware you are observing "depersonalization" when it happens.  The experience has nothing to do with you.

It is nothing to worry about.

Just stay with the I Am.

Don't worry about what others says about depersonalization.  You are going beyond Western psychology which considers most religious experiences as depersonalization and dissociation.

First, you want to experience without an experiencer. Then you want to apprehend that the experience, consciousness, is being witnessed by you. 

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