26 November 2006

More on practice and compassion.

Dear Ed,

From where i am coming from (albeit illusory) you are not only Robert's friend, but as evidenced by your wonderful website based on his teaching, maybe his greatest devotee. Yours is one of the few websites by a truly Enlightened Soul, extolling his Teacher, while downplaying his own long, difficult journey, and obvious wisdom. I salute you.

Thanks Mike, that you said that is touching. Hope you never meet me and find out how flawed I am.

Thank you for taking interest in my practice. The bliss i experience seems to be in the form of happiness, which lasts for a while after getting up from meditation. i am excited to try your new suggestions of looking for the looker, and falling backwards into oneself.

The experience of the awareness, which i experience by realizing that somthing is aware of my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and personality feels glassy and transparent, keeping me contained in what is clearly "my awareness" and not beyond.

I hope i am not a nusiance to you. If i could return the favor to you somehow, let me know.

You will never be a nusiance to me. You are more advanced than I think you think you are. Write often. You are not a burden.

With Love and Gratitude,


The best you can do for me is to become a totally compassionate soul, helping everyone and everything. being a shepherd for all sentient beings.

Robert said that is more importance than enlightenment. I agree.

Muktananda's daily Jyota se Jyota chant includes the phrase:

Kindle my heart flame with Thy flame.

Do that for others.


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