25 November 2006

November 25, 2006

Daily I get many emails from seekers who have questions. Most of the questions have answers that can be found by reading my site or this blog or Robert's talks.

Usually my answers are short now and contribute little for a general audience.

Below is an exception. It is a deeper question.

Hi M, good to hear from you.

Let me comment between your lines.

Hi Ed,There is somthing about your site, perhaps the pictures of Robert, that has me back time and time again, like a moth to the flame.I am a Family Physician in XXX, and a "seeker", who has partaken too many times in the spiritual buffet. The sad thing is that intellectualy i know that there is no me and nothing out there. That and a token gets you a ride on the Adviata bus (which doesn't exist either).

Intellectually is not enough. Seeing there is no I with your whole being is world shattering. Not at all intellectual.

On my current "path", i have been following the teaching of a young sage named YYYYY. He had no guru, but 3 months after quiting, after a year of intense spiritual practice, enlightenment happened to "him". He is a gentle being who seems to live to teach. He combines the path of the heart and mind.

This is how it happens; it sneaks up on you when you are not practicing, but you need to "practice" intrensely before that.

At one satsang, in total surrender there was a dissolution of everything, and a 72 hour period of "expanded consciousness".

Good as such, but not enlightenment. Enlightenment "begins" when you "see" there is no I.

Ed, i realize that "i" have no control, and Awakening happens to "no one", but your practice section seems helpful. When i look inward- through the third eye chakra, i "see" light, but there is nothing for it to illuminate. Almost as if my head were empty (is it?)

This is perfect. A great first step. Now, if this is stabilized, try to sink into your sense of existence--the felt sense of I Am--totally the subject of all experience. This is not spacial, nor inner-outer, but the subjective pole of you vs. the world..

The emptiness you see illumined is your true narure so to speak, but the small I must be destroyed before you can be one with it,

What should this practice lead to? Also, since "who am I" seems to infer there is an "I", What thought or phrase would you suggest in it's place, and when to use it in meditative practice.

Use I exclusively. You must understand deeper than understanding that there is no I. Don't look at the I, look at the source of I. Ask who is seeking the I and asking the question "Who am I?"

Read Ramana Maharshi's early books exclusively--and Robert's. Advaita must sink deeply inside. Get tbe Collected works of Ramana Maharshi. Practice compassion every moment; practice humility; continue helping others--that is, act like a saint.

Hang around gurus. Question your teacher about who and what he is, and what he has that you don't. Have him explain his subjectivity. Don't let him get away with Advaita talk.

Thank you for all your work and effort to make Robert's work known to the world. Thank you for your kindness to animals.With Much Love,


Thanks M. Keep in close touch as questions arise or progress is made.


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