20 November 2006

Satsang in Los Angeles

For those of you in Los Angeles, I have been meeting with people face to face on an individual basis off and on for a few months. Not that I don't enjoy it, but I've got a limited amount of energy to do this, and a more effective way for me is to have an informal satsang, where we just get together and you ask questions. If pople like it, we will have chanting after a while.

I have two times in mind, either Wednesday evening about 7:30 pm or Sunday morning, 11:30-ish. Of course, there is no charge.

When Robert had satsang, we had twice as many people on Sundays as Thursdays. But satsang was a 1 pm, which sort of kills the day. I thought earlier might be better.

This would be in the West Valley--i.e., Chatsworth-Canoga Park.

You will be required to bring chocolate chip cookies. If you are interested, reply to ed_online@sbcglobal.net.


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