25 November 2006

More on Inner Space and Self -Dialogue with M

I seem to feel Roberts energy (Shaktipat) from looking at the picture on your website. Although i assume that his body was not well at the time, his Presence is remarkable.

True, I did not appreciate it as much when he was alive. My mistake. He let me be his only friend as opposed to being a devotee, so maybe I missed something in that.

When i go to the space through the third eye, besides emptyness, there is an almost giddy feeling of bliss. Right now it seems to block all other experiencing, except for ego thoughts, which come and go, sometimes pulling me out of my focus.

Does the bliss feel like happiness or more like body comfort? If the former, you are doing fine. If the latter, it will pass.

Besides more practice, do you have any pointers to help me sink into the sense of existence you spoke of?

Several ways. One is to look for the looker while inside your inner illumined space.

The other is to mentally fall backward into yourself. That is, imagine you are sinking into your basic self, devoid of anything else.

Just as a side note, are you familliar with the work of Dr. David Hawkins? I wondered if you had any dealings with him in Sedona. Do you subscribe to his practice of callibrating levels of consciousness using muscle testing? I'm curious as to your thoughts as a Psychologist, if you are familiar with his writings.

Never heard of him. Levels of conciousness and muscle testing is a fraud. Stay away from him and his writings if that is his method and teaching.

No levels; no body; no muscles.


Concentrate on the body and you make it more real. Instead concentrate on finding the source of your being, and that becomes most real.

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