02 December 2006

Third Eye meditation--
the Vast Illumined Void of Awareness

Dear Ed.

My experience with the Third Eye Meditation is getting deeper, more peaceful and unlike any other meditation practice that i have tried. Before, the illuminated space felt like the inside of my head. Now is is much more spacious, and sometimes intensely bright. It feels clearly separate from my thoughts. I have not been very sucessful in the exercise of falling backwards...No sensation of falling, but i keep trying

The search for the source of my awareness, simply seems to end with the awareness that I, or something is aware. There is a strong sense that it is "I" that is aware, but in looking for "I", awareness associates "I" with my body. The preception of the awareness itself has a "glassy" and spatially limiting quality, but is brings with it brief periods of bliss.

That seems to be the limit of my awareness. How would you get this to expand, or follow the awareness to it's root?

With Love and Gratitude,




Forget the falling exercise. Go with what works.

It is good enough to just stay in the sense of expansion for the moment. Do not force it otherwise it becomes ego reinforcing.

Just abide in yourself. Do not be in a hurry. This will be enough.

Something is aware means you perceive are aware of it (the “awarer”) as an object, which is a mistake. The "awarer," the subject, will never be an object. You are the subject and can never grasp yourself; you can only be yourself.

Keep steady. The danger is you will move very rapidly for a while and then stall, feeling as if you took a step backward, which will be disheartening.

Just abide in being, your existence, in stillness, in the light of consciousness. The rest will take care of itself.


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