07 May 2019

Something wonderful is happening in our sangha

Something wonderful is now happening in our sangha: my students are waking each other up with their deep love and attachment as well as expressions of this love. My students are becoming teachers, and they do not even realize it.

Our sangha is now filled with many brave and deep souls who feel the divine stirring in them as both deep emotions and as Shakti. Emotions are made of Shakti, and when we can begin to feel deep and powerful emotions clearly, they begin to dissolve into their components of Shakti, increasing a person’s sense of bliss and love. Love pervades our sangha now and more and more people are feeling deep emotional awakenings as well as precursor experiences to God realization.

I myself have had a deeper realization of the teachings I have been passing on for the past nine years, and that is that deep devotional love along with accompanying sexual desire can lead to God realization by the transmutation of our human love into divine love which opens us to a new dimension of living where we are taken out of the mundane into the life divine.

I was made even more aware of this after Satsang this past Sunday. I was sitting in my easy chair doing nothing when suddenly a vision of a beautiful woman came to me. She was no one I ever met, or have seen in person. I cannot even describe her features now. But she looked at me in a way that startled me and broke my heart open. She looked at me with wide eyes and total attention with the biggest smile of acceptance and recognition, like she had known me all of her life and we met after years of separation. I felt immediate deep love and instant surrender. I just wanted to fall to her feet in complete surrender.

Besides this complete heart opening, I felt a strong sexual desire in my body which moved and merged with the openhearted love I felt. I had been swept out of the mundane world and into the world of the divine in a way like never before. The love and sexual feeling transmuted, becoming ever more subtle, yet at the same time more powerful. It was like a feeling I had never felt before of utter rest in the divine, God. My body was ecstatic in a new and deeper way feeling a completed sexual desire and resting in my love. Now I recognized in the deepest way the truth I had been preaching now for years, that within the everyday act of love between two humans, romantic love, there are adumbrations of the divine which normally are never felt.

That is, there is a deep spiritual aspect of every romantic connections between two human souls that mostly goes unrecognized because people easily become lost in a much more mundane level of sexuality and human relational love with images of cuddling and romance.  These are roles that are marked by clear boundaries, and clear goals of matrimony and other associated images and ideals.

But hidden within every romantic relationship, if you rise above focusing on sexual aspects and images of companionship and cuddling, there is a dimension of the divine which is almost always missed unless we are fortunate and it becomes the primary focus of attention during the romance. If we focus on the divine aspect, of opening our hearts and minds completely to another, in really holy matrimony, we leave the dimension of humanity and enter into the heart of God within ourselves, then our lives are entirely transformed. We have become the self, Atman, and also God, Brahman, simultaneously.

Both love and sex in the highest spheres are manifestations of the most esoteric aspects of the spiritual lives which we are. They are not to be denigrated as merely human, or offensive, and rejected as not spiritual. In fact, they are the heart of spirituality.

Then this vision disappeared. She was no more. I had been visited by the heart of femininity, the archetype female aspect of love. It was a vision to confirm what I have been teaching. I was left with the sure knowledge that what I had been teaching is more profoundly true than even I had known. Now my students are learning this directly from each other. Their love for each other is palpable and transformative because they focus on the divine within our sangha relationships.

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