25 May 2019

LIVE SATSANG ONLINE, 11 AM, Arizona time (Same as California daylight time now)

Even though I do not accept that demons exist, I believe that Trump is driven by some sort of demonic forces or personalities.

I also believe most spiritual people equate spiritual depth with the expression of clear concepts about world the self. The person who has a good mind and expresses what sounds like deep concepts in an elegant way, is regarded as an enlightened being. To me spirituality is not conceptual at all or a matter of understanding.

To me, these two things are frightening developments that do not bode well for anybody over the next three years.

There is no way that individually you can defend yourself in this kind of world except to belong to local communities of like-minded people. Swami Chatanananda is building such a community in Portland, a self-defense, self-contained spiritual community, because he sees the chaos that is coming.

I want to talk about these things, but also about the spiritual state of each of my students and my self as we join in sharing Shakti in and open hearted way.


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