22 May 2019

It is so remarkable I feel now that my health is beginning to return. My bladder is no longer spastic, my peeing no longer painful, my gut no longer so bloated with constipation, my wheezing from infectious bronchitis abating. Even during the time though, that I was distracted by all the ills of my body, I was still aware that I was not the body or the thinking about the body or worries about the body. I was still aware of myself as spirit, entirely separate from the entirety of the manifestation of materiality.

However yesterday I began feeling a new delight. As the pain distractions he eased, as I sat quietly in my recliner, I felt the most gentle breath of God which appeared as a cool, translucent fire extending from the floor to the ceiling which entirely engulfed me in the room and lifted my gentle spirit up in feather arms of bliss. These cooling translucent waves flowed back and forth like the entire room was on fire with the breath of God, so light, so restful, so relaxing and accepting, so loving in its gentle touch and support. And now I feel this gentle breath in me and around me all the time as a movement of energy that does not interact with this body but is only with me as spirit.

If only I could better convey directly to my students the bliss I feel now or even the most basic God realization that I felt when I was very ill. Even that was worth a thousand pieces of gold. No treasure of this earth can touch the breath of God I am feeling at all times now.

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