06 April 2017


You will find below the credible “secret” method that more quickly allows you to become aware of the Life force.

In the post immediately before this one on my Facebook page and blog, there is a long quote from the Ultimate Medicine, of Nisargadatta by Robert Powell, chapter 7.  It is an overall presentation of the process of becoming enlightened.  There are at least four steps: becoming aware of the Lifeforce; this identifying with the body; re-identifying with the life force itself, along with consciousness; this identifying with consciousness while residing in the Absolute.
The first step of becoming aware of the Lifeforce is easier for some people than others.  Women generally have a quicker and easier access to awareness of the Lifeforce than do men, because they are the creators of life and they are more in touch with the subtle body states of emotions, emotional attachment, and love.
It is quite prevalent in current spirituality to identify becoming aware and enhancing the Lifeforce by paying attention to it, with spiritual feminism, with erotic love, sex, feeling and becoming established in bliss and ecstasy, as well as dealing with “wild” energies used for healing or for various forms of witchcraft.
The Lifeforce is basically a feminine attribute of the One Reality.
This greatest of all secrets which is the key for one who believes themselves to be a body, and not the Lifeforce or consciousness, is to become aware of the Lifeforce within oneself.
There are two ways: the technique of abiding in the self as taught by Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta, and others, or energizing the Lifeforce within oneself through erotic love and sex.  The second technique is extremely powerful and very quick compared to the length of time necessary by strictly abiding in one’s own experience of self, at whatever level the self is experienced.
Abiding in the self means just looking within and feeling and seeing what you are from your level of experience.  Then over months and years, you just sit quietly and investigate your experience of yourself, and that experience changes over time, becomes deeper and more unified.
But the technique of using incredibly intense erotic experiences as well as increasing sexual tension without release can result in a highly energized Lifeforce with intense emotions, intense sexual feelings, intense lust, such that one experiences such a deep level of love, one can identify with that feeling of love, and thereby become one with love itself rather than being a human identifying with the body and experiencing love towards another.  The experience of love is so great, so big, that it defies any emotional experience felt prior to that time, except perhaps grief or fear.
I was extremely fortunate to have fallen in love with the woman, who was very deeply emotional and capable of expressing the most fierce love and desire imaginable, which elicited a similar both fierce and gentle love in me of such great portions as to free me from identification as a body, and re-identify with love itself, as did she.
The intense love on both our parts allowed us both to become aware of the Lifeforce in a way neither of us had ever known before, as intense light, intense energy, with absolute purity of expression.  The light and energy exploded in both of us, exploding through our heart, rising upward in the brain and head and then going beyond an explosion.  With that, we felt the love of such sublime purity that we could no longer identified as being human, because it was divine.  We loved God with all of our hearts and each other; we found God within ourselves by feeling and seeing it in our hearts in the other.
There was intense sexual longing, intense attachment, intense neediness, and intense expression of love such that we rocked each other’s basic sense of self through an awareness of the intense life force within each of us.  Thus consciousness had become aware of an awakened Lifeforce within each of us, and we shared worship of this divinity within each of us.
With this experience, with this opening to an awareness of the Lifeforce, as being like a divine wind or a divine fire within our guts, our hearts, in our minds, we felt insane with joy, rapture, and unending bliss that course through both of our bodies.  Yet almost all of this was done at a distance such as the physical sex act between us was never consummated.  As such, there was just a building, and ever higher intensification of that erotic lust, that sexual desire, the neediness to be together in mind and soul, such that the constant experience of the Lifeforce never left us, and was always available for contemplation by consciousness, our separate consciousnesses.

This is the time trick secret of using lust, using erotic love, using desirous, intensely possessive love to potentially awaken in ourselves and in the other awareness of the Lifeforce by intensifying the Lifeforce through the medium of building sexual tension.
I have no idea whether this is the reason so many gurus become involved sexually with their female and sometimes male students.  I do know that it is very commonplace for both the group and students to fall in love with each other.  Gurus encourage it because they know that love in whatever form enhances both sides attachment, compassion and service towards the other.  Both guru and student become entangled Internet of desire, not just sexual desire, but desire for the spiritual enlightenment of the other as well.  However, the tool, the method, is often sexual desire.
But this kind of love need not be confined to the gurus student relationship, anyone can use this Tantric technique to awaken within oneself awareness of the Lifeforce.  But it must be remembered that this is best practiced at a distance with intense desire and lust, intense immersion into the sexual principles and sexual desire which is on consummated, except perhaps at extremely infrequent times.  The importance is to awaken the lust, the desire, the sexual impulses, the neediness to devour the other and to incorporate the other into ourselves.  It is the intensity with which we hold onto the other and try to bring them into our hearts and bodies that is the key to using this method to realize the Lifeforce as independent from its sexual elements.  The Lifeforce is inflated by using sexual desire and erotic love for the other, but is itself far, far more than the sexual impulses used to become aware of it.
I know there are many readers out there who speak of the divine feminine, or the wild energies of the feminine, or which-energies that can enhance excitement, desire, and creative activity within oneself and the world.  These people will immediately understand what I am talking about, but also may become aware that this is just a stepping stone to a larger fulfillment in total self-realization which happens after the Lifeforce and consciousness are thoroughly integrated, and thereby the body is transcended, identification with the body is transcended and one becomes spirit itself, the Lifeforce and consciousness melded together.

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