04 April 2017

Email from Steve

This email came to me about three weeks asking him to disidentify with his body, and identify with his consciousness as a whole instead.

Hello Edji,  Working very steadily on the Reminding that I Am Consciousness, day and night.  Sometimes very strong like this morning.
I was all of Consciousness, body, emotions, feelings, kitties, house  and just everything.    At the time it actually, consciousness is all mine.  I own and am apart (a component share)  of everything I see...quite special. 
Interesting not actually being the body.....it looks like some sort of large insect.

Even the color of everything appears to take on a slightly different shade.

Today it was strong and felt like I was trapped in a Carnival.  One out of Stephen King at that!!   It is just asinine the mirage, the hallucination, the fantasy that just engulfs the world.  So ridiculous and farcical that I was afraid that I would be a permanent member of this insane Consciousness.......by god I'll practice even harder to avoid such a quagmire.

A part of me is very excited about diving into this quandary because something says that it can be manipulated and influenced.  

I do know the mind can do such things because I have done it all my life with real estate, stop lights, smoke detectors etc.

All I really know Edji is, 'fuck this is going to be a Blast'. 

This is more fun that doing 100 mph on a motorcycle.

Love ya buddie,   steve

Oh,  I would love to see you giving a Satsang at the nursing home.  My god I bet some of them souls are ready for you.

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