23 April 2017


There are very few books that I recommend as spiritual "work" in the Advaita and Tantric modalities involves detaching yourself from all previous understandings, including that you are a human personality, and from any objective knowledge.

This leads to a new kind of openness, of seeing and feeling one's own self as consciousness itself, with your body but one "objective" appearance in your own consciousness.

The disidentification with the body, the reidentification with consciousness as a whole, and the subsequent need to recognize that you are prior to consciousness as an ultimate witness is a rather difficult journey.

It requires faith in the teacher and his or her teachings, learning how to rest in ones own self thoughtlessly, and learning to abide in the heart chakra to get "underneath" your mind so that it does not bother you anymore. You lower your center of gravity of conscious awareness away from your brain towards your heart and gut, allowing you to experience your inner light of consciousness, and the emptiness within that is illuminated.

There is nothing of more help than the five books I list below, especially the three books of Nisargadatta talks edited by Robert Powell  who was a professional editor at U.C. San Diego,  He knew his craft of editing well and did a great job on these three books. They are much more clear than those of Jean Dunn who was one of my two direct teachers, the other being Robert Adams.

The Ultimate Medicine
The Nectar of Immortality
The Experience of Nothingness

Then there is Pradeep Apte's book, created by selecting all paragraphs from ten books of Nisargadatta's talks where he spoke about the "I Am" sense, aka as beingness, and its emergence from Nothingness. 

The Nisargadatta Gita

Also read The Ashtavakkra Gita as translated by Thomas Byrom as it is one of the most beautiful and moving expressions of what Nisargadatta, Robert, and I speak about.

Some of these books can be found on the website: hppt://wearesentience.blogspot.com.

Read Nisargadatta with as much openness and faith that you are capable of.  Don't stumble over his ideas in protest. Read what he says with great precision.  Stop after each line or paragraph and ponder its meaning.

Why does he say what he says about the origin of consciousness?  What is his intent?  Read his intent and see if you can go along with his intent.

Practice self-abidance in an easy chair or formal sitting as often as you can.  Immerse yourself into your self.  Abide in your own presence as thoughtlessly as possible.

Play sacred Indian Kirtan and Bhajans as often as possible in the background as you read, or when you pursue the I Am as your own consciousness and beingness.

Make your life as simple as possible.


And, of course come to our Sunday Satsangs and the Robert Adams and Nisargadatta Teaching Group on Facebook.

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