21 March 2017

The realization that you are not your body, at first comes as a great shock.  You realize you are consciousness itself.
But then, as you begin to leave your body behind, something begins to happen.  Something great.  Because you begin to be happy.  You begin to feel totally relaxed.  You begin to feel peace as you never felt before, because you realize that when your body dies, you do not die.
Something changes in you.  What you had experienced before as wild energies of firebreathing Kali, as the bliss of Shakti, now becomes the effortless joy of resting in your Self.
At this moment you become free, joyously free!  You are Consciousness itself, just awareness of Self.  No longer a body bound by space and time, you are effortless awareness of the infinite spectrum Of Self.  What more can be said?  You are free.  Totally free.  Resting as your Self.  Alone.  Free.  Eternal.  Joyous and free.
It all starts with that great transitioning moment where your identification changes and you no longer believe that your body is you, when you experience your body as something that is not you.  It is merely an appearance within you as Consciousness.  From that moment on you become aware that the I-sense is no longer associated with your body, but is all around you, like air, like space, like the sky.  The I-sense it radiates in all things, from the sky above to the earth below, and I am that I.  This is the real beginning of your spiritual life, of your joy, of your freedom as Self alone.

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