13 March 2017

It is not difficult to turn within and find one's own internal energies and the bliss of consciousness. In fact, just finding those energies initially is a blissful empowerment of and by meditation on self.

But then you begin to distinguish between consciousness and attention, or the focus on differing aspects of consciousness, and real spiritual development begins. You become aware of emptiness, the subjective sense of space, and its permeating, non-resisting essence. You d...iscover an inner ‘light’ that accompanies introspection, the so-called light of consciousness.

Gradually you discover the inner energies, maybe at first just like an electric spark near the heart, which upon focusing there, grows into an awareness of an inner ‘field’ of energies that fill up one’s internal emptiness with a ‘sense of presence’. One’s identification with your body at this time, begins to migrate to an identification with your sense of presence, an electromagnetic inner body permeating your essential emptiness. You are now identifying with a different aspect of consciousness than with the body, which is also an aspect of consciousness.

Then you may go through years of Kundalini experiences or perhaps years of bliss, where again you change identification to that of being flowing Shakti, joyful energies, wild energies, exalting exuberance. In this stage one talks about the divine feminine, the goddess, creating energies, Ma Kali, and the experience or realization of the Manifest Self.

After this period, attention flows backwards towards the perceiver or witness of the show or play of consciousness, the deep self of just being, just existing, watching the comings and goings of consciousness as an impersonal process, passing phenomena, knowing nothing in consciousness now has anything to do with you as you are now, and essentially how you have always been when not caught up in the mercurial spinning of awareness within the whole panoply of consciousness.

Then you might find yourself asking, “What the hell was all this for,” having returned states of "normal" consciousness  of alteration between waking, dream, deep sleep, and knowing and non-knowing.

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