13 March 2017


It is incredibly difficult to become and remain still. The more relaxed and still you become, the more the internal energies can and will be felt. Those who are really quiet feel Shakti, the life force, consciousness and its light to be like a volcano of raging energies. The only rest from that energy is the nothingness of sleep.

This is also true for most people who have no spiritual bent at all. They cannot keep still. They need to divert attention from their own restless energy inside, either in drugs, or in other diversions such as ALL forms of entertainment. All diversions distract one's attention from one's own deep self into entertainment, from relationships, to television and movies, to exercising, to hobbies, to spirituality that does not focus on one's own self. Prayer, gods, rituals, book reading, all divert attention away from the burning energies within.

Those who turn their attention inwards will be exposed to a world of intense energies, emotions, feelings, body sensations, kundalini phenomena, astral realms, and spiritual entities. One's very nature is just energy and light, but until you are strong enough to tolerate them directly, you'll run into distractions to evade them.

The only way to make it through this layer of self, these energies, is to learn to be still despite them, still enough to let them pass through because of the inner space and permeable nature of that space that accepts and allows those energies to play through without being forced to react of move at their bidding.

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