29 March 2017


Sri Edji,   I could feel your Powerful Grace all night long last night .  Very very strong!!

Read chapters 3 and 4 of the 'Ultimate Medicine by Nisargadatta and the Ashtakakra (translated by a Vietnam Veteran too!),  and immediately could feel something flowing in to me.   Gradually it got stronger and it was .....well I turned into Consciousness.   

Everything around me, sights and sounds and smells and all were there and I was them.  Even this body is Consciousness...Just a dream.

Not at all like the experiences of bliss where I became the grass and wind and clouds. This is totally different.

I feel such a deep satisfaction and happiness right down into my toes.   And it is here to stay because I work with it all day and all night..........no way will I ever ignore this happening..........until you tell me its time.

And thank you so much for focusing on Consciousness in your blog and the Youtube sites.

This is really what it is all about and your teachings just hammer the point but it took a long time to get this You are Consciousness thing.  Studied it in the past but never made any sense.

Do you want me to keep diving into this wonder for the future?    I'll be glad to!

Thank you for calling me to you Edji....you have to be one of the most powerful Guru's in the World....your Light in the Heart Center says so.

Deepest Love,   your devotee,  steve

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