04 October 2016


After Hillary gets elected, the main street media will begin to report on the crisis in the healthcare system that is tearing it apart.  To fund Obamacare, $700 billion dollars was stolen from Medicare, affecting mostly the Medicare Advantage programs.

Obamacare changed everything regarding the rules by which the elderly are treated.
  There are vast limitations allowed for seniors that were routinely provided before Omamacare.  Hospital doctors complain all the time. The amounts they and hospitals receive for almost all procedures have been dramatically decreased as well as far fewer authorizations for anything but routine hospital care.

But so many young people have abandoned the system and just pay the penalty for not joining, that the entire insurance system is also suffering.  One carrier after another is dropping out of Obamacare and the system will collapse unless we go to single payer, or Medicare for All.

But the press would not allow this to become an issue until after the election, because this too would be blamed on Hillary, because she supported it.
  Hopefully, this will be one of the first issues she addresses as president.

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  1. This might be the reason why a primary care physician I had decided to stop using Medicare which I have. Fortunately though, I've had another HMO physician as my main doctor for several years and the other one was just close by and more or less a "backup" doc.